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Correspondence Course Lesson 01
Can we trust the Bible to give us accurate answers to important questions?
Bible Study: 2 Peter 1:20-21 Luke 24:27 & 44-45  Isaiah 8:20   
  John 5:39   2 Timothy 3:16  

----The Bible is the most wonderful book ever written! It has been translated into more than a thousand languages. No other book has affected the lives of so many people. And no wonder - it was not written by man, but by the Holy Spirit (2 Peter 1:20-21).

  ----Yahweh makes it clear throughout the Bible that there are certain things man must know and do. No one can even identify the Savior properly without the Bible (John 5:39). When Yahshua (Jesus) instructs His disciples, He does so from the writings of Moses and the prophets (Luke 24:27, 44, 45). In fact, we are told by the Holy Spirit that instruction must be by the Law and the Testimony (prophets) for it to minister light (life) to us (Isaiah 8:20 and 2 Timothy 3:16).  
  ----Even so, you might say, can modern man trust these ancient writings? Definitely yes! There are many books and articles dealing with the accuracy of Biblical history and prophecy. There is no real problem, either, between the Bible and science. In fact, the speed of light the circulation of blood within the human body, the circulation of wind currents on the Earth, the composition of the moon, and many, many more facts were revealed in the Bible thousands of years before scientists "discovered" them.  

----In addition, your physical body reveals, or witnesses to, the truth within Biblical scriptures. You are a living testimony, whether you believe in it or not, to the authenticity of the Bible!


----As far as evolution is concerned, it is merely a theory for which there exists no concrete proof, despite Darwin or any latter day scientific endeavor. On the other hand, no one has been able to disprove the Biblical account of creation. In fact, astronomers have found even more proof than they imagined existed for the instantaneous beginning of our universe. Of course, they do not know what the source was for the "Big Bang" nor do they know why it happened. The Bible clearly reveals what they have yet to discover (Romans 1:19-20). So it is with physics, geology, biology, or any other science you can name.


----Finally what we will show in the following lessons should prove to you, beyond a shadow of any doubt, that the Bible is not only accurate historically and scientifically, but is definitely divine in origin.

What is eternal life?
Bible study:   Amos 8:11-13 John 17:3 Jeremiah 3:15 1John 5:11-13

----Yahweh gave us the physical creation to reveal spiritual principles (Romans 1:20). To understand Eternal Life, then, consider physical life. It involves function - the heart beating, the brain thinking for doctors to certify life. Eternal Life involves function also - of the soul or spirit animating the body - but it is everlasting.


----Physical life contains a hope for enjoyment, peace, love and everything desirable. Death, the opposite of life, is dreaded by most humans. We celebrate birth and mourn death.


----Medical doctors are devoted to prolonging the life of the physical body. Educators are devoted to enriching and prolonging the life of the mind. If Yahweh provides the physicians and educators for our temporary physical needs, how much more care do you think He has taken that you have a way of obtaining Eternal Life of the spirit (Jeremiah 3:15).


----Physical life (body/mind) demands food, for the belly or for thought. So too, must the spirit be fed and watered (Jeremiah 23:4 and John 7:37-38). Yahweh spoke of a famine to come (Amos 8:11-13) and remember, famines cause death. A person can be physically wealthy and still be poor within his soul. That is because, although they have the money to obtain all things physical, their inner man is starved for hearing the word of Yahweh, which is true food for the spirit (John 6:63). There is so much spiritual "junk food" available in the world, is it any wonder that people are unstable and unhappy - revealing starvation and malnutrition of the soul? Knowledge of Yahweh is the only true divine food that can nourish you spiritually and make you stable and happy (Isaiah 26:3-4; Isaiah 33:6). Until you eat of Yahweh's knowledge, you cannot begin to grow spiritually, and to inherit the Kingdom of Yahweh (Romans 14:17).


----As something must sacrifice its life for you to eat and to sustain physical life, so spiritual life is based upon the sacrifice of another (Hebrews 9:14-16). Eternal Life is that of the spirit and comes through an intimate, indwelling knowledge of the Father and the Son and their sacrifice of life for you (John 17:3 and John 10:15).


----Finally, understand one thing - you must have life of the spirit now. When you have passed through the veil of physical death, it is too late (Matthew 25:1-13). In the parable of the virgins, Yahshua is using the oil to signify life of the spirit. He is the bridegroom, and sleep represents physical death. Note that all awaken - some to light, some to darkness. Only those with the spirit before awakening enter into heaven with Him. Also note that they were to have the oil in their vessels (bodies) before they went to sleep (died physically). Only those with the spirit within them before dying enter into joy.


----To dwell forever in happiness and joy, then, you must have life, and that is only possible through Yahshua (1 John 5:11-13). Yahshua's spirit within you is your Eternal Life, and you must claim this inheritance now!

What is the true meaning of death?
Bile Study:  John 11:11-14    Romans 8:6 Revelation 20:12-15
  Revelation 21:8  1 Timothy 5:6 l John 3:14
  Proverbs 8:36 John 1:4  Revelation 21:14

----Many people are afraid of dying because they don't know what, if anything, is beyond that barrier called death. What is death? Simply, it is the absence of life. Now that should be easily determined. Right? Not so! Doctors and lawyers have even gone to court to attempt to settle the question of when a person can be said to be legally dead.


----The reason it is not so simple to determine is that very few people understand death. It is a separation of soul, the spiritual body, from the physical body. Physical death is merely a veil, a part of a cycle, as sleep is a part of our daily cycle, In fact, Yahshua the Messiah equated sleep and death (John 11:11-14).


----Physical sleep reveals something concerning death. During sleep there is no cessation of vital functions. Our minds, also, are active. We experience dreams (pleasant or otherwise), although we may not recall them upon awakening. Something happens in our dreams, but without actual physical flesh and blood. So it will be when our souls are finally separated from these physical shells we call bodies. Our souls will continue, either in righteousness, peace and joy (Romans 14:17), or otherwise (in ignorance, suffering, confusion).


----Physical death is not to be feared, if your spiritual house is in order. It is vital that you be prepared before passing through the curtain of death, however, for there is a second death, awaiting those who do not listen to Yahweh (Revelations 21:8). That second death is to be feared above all things in this universe. Just as those who love and obey Him and have His righteous spirit within them will inherit Eternal Life, those who do not have the spirit of Yahshua within them are dead, even now while they move among us (Proverbs 8:36; Matthew 8:22; Romans 8:6; 1 Timothy 5:6). Just as the dead among us cause evil and suffering for themselves and others, they will do so through eternity. These dead people move in spiritual darkness and chaos. They are subject to being deceived through their ignorance. They are easily led astray (2 Timothy 3:1-6).


----There is only one way to pass from spiritual death, darkness or ignorance to life, and that is through having the spirit of Yahshua, who is light and life (John 1:4) within you. Without it, you are dead, even as you read this. BUT you can awaken to life before it's too late - before the second death, before the judgment and final cursing (Deuteronomy 30:19; 2 Peter 3:7, 10-14; Revelations 20:12-15; Revelations 2:11).


----How do you do this? Through prayer that Yahweh will reveal Himself to you through your studies and faith. As you learn of Our Creator, His own spirit (the Book of Life) should take form within you, His attributes, including divine love, will come to rule your heart As this happens, you will know that you have passed from death to life, and that you have overcome this world and death (1 John 3:14; Revelations 21:4).



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